Your SIS memories

Since our founding in 1951, thousands of students have passed through our classrooms, corridors and playgrounds. We’d love to hear your memories of SIS, see your photographs of your time in Stockholm and find out how your experiences in Sweden have impacted your life.

SIS memories: Axel Bjallerstedt

SIS student 2012-2017 (Grade 8-12)

SIS Memories: Gaia Giradelli

SIS student 1975 – 1981

SIS memories: William McCrea

SIS student 2014-2020

SIS Memories: Alice Jonason

SIS student until 2012, then Receptionist and Admissions Assistant until 2014

SIS memories: Heidi Abirached

SIS student 2010 – 2014

SIS Memories: Einar Olsen

SIS student 1965-1969

SIS memories: Alexander Fosseidbråten

SIS student 2003-2009

SIS Memories: Joudi Bathallath

SIS student (from 2012)

SIS Memories: Carol Lidfeldt

PE Teacher, Activity Director, CAS – 1972-2004

SIS Memories: Raman Vashishtha

SIS student 2009-2019