The SIS Spirit Fund in numbers

Created in 2019, the SIS Spirit Fund has obviously struck a chord with the current School community and alumni. Since its initial launch, the number of supporters has grown such that, in its second year, almost 1 in 4 families at the School made a gift to support the fund’s objective of supporting student experience, academic excellence and innovation, and campus regeneration.

The first year of the SIS Spirit Fund saw 115,000 SEK raised, enabling diverse projects in keeping with those aims.

Our relationship with the Shila Devi School in Nepal, our development of Makerspace activities, and the acquisition of lighting equipment for the school choir, all benefited from the gifts made to the fund.

Those gifts varied in size a thousand fold: from a smallest donation of 50 SEK to 50,000 made in one single donation. 

The second full year of the fund saw the total raised increase by around 30% to a total of 150,000 SEK, with the number of staff donating also increasing by roughly a third, and the total number of donors tripling.

Advancement Director, Emma Jones, is full of gratitude to those who have done so much through giving and through devoting their time and effort:

‘I’m always impressed by how individual donations – our median donation is 300 SEK – can mount up to a sum that makes a real impact on the students. It adds to the quality of their experience in the school, and their understanding of the wider world. I’m thrilled that the launch of our current 70FOR70 initiative to promote the SIS Spirit Fund in the seventieth year of the school, is providing an opportunity for people to make even more of their gifts. Through the generous offer of Lage Jonason, the Chair of our Board of Trustees, any donation under 1,000 SEK will be matched  by Lage, up to a total of 70,000 SEK. I’m optimistic that with the enthusiasm of our community we can see the fund grow further to give our students even more opportunities.’