the blue gates by the Djurgårds bridge

Registration has opened for the second edition of Get Moving for SIS Weekend, a community event that will kick-start our 2021/22 fundraising cycle for the SIS Spirit Fund.

We launched the Get Moving For SIS event last year and it was a great success with House Water finishing on top with the most registered participants!

This year, we are excited to be teaming up with the SPC (SIS Parent Community) for the event, joining their House Fika taking place at Djurgården. This year’s events are taking place at the following times:

  • 18th September for houses:
    • House Earth at 10:00
    • House Fire at 14:00
  • 19th September for houses:
    • House Air at 10:00
    • House Water at 14:00

See photographs from our 2020 event

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