Get Moving for SIS Weekend

Build your house spirit and raise money for the SIS Spirit Fund as we celebrate our 70th year!

Join us as we kick off our annual SIS Spirit fund 21/22 with Get Moving for SIS Weekend. This will be a collaboration with the SPC House fika taking place on the 18th and 19th September 2021.

Come meet your house friends and walk together to raise funds for the SIS Spirt Fund!


How to take part?

  1. Register below and don’t forget to include your House, please note that you have to indicate “no” to the other houses otherwise, the form will not send.
  2. Bring some fika – coffee and a bun – and show up for the SPC House fika during the date and time below:
    • 18th September for houses:
      • House Earth at 10:00
      • House Fire at 14:00
    • 19th September for houses:
      • House Air at 10:00
      • House Water at 14:00
  3. Meet us at the blue gates by the Djurgårds bridge – Djurgårdsbron in Swedish.
  4. After you finished your fika, the SPC is offering a curated walk to explore and discuss the architecture and history around the Djurgården canal (approximately 3 km)
Blue gates by the Djurgårds bridge

Alternatively, feel free to ‘get moving for SIS’ wherever you are over the event weekend and walk or run for the Spirit Fund. Share your photographs of how you participated by emailing Ilhem Bouroucha or by posting them on social media with the hashtag #LifeatsSIS and your house # so if you belong to House Earth, you would use, #LifeatSIS #SISEarth

The registration fee(s) and any additional donation go straight to the SIS Spirit Fund, so the more people getting involved, the better for the School. So make sure to encourage your house friends to register!

Still need convincing? See photographs from the 2020 event.