Explore how the school developed during the 1950s, and add your memories, photographs and stories from that decade.

1951: The English School was founded by Gisela Dietz at Djurgården, with 58 students from 15 countries by the end of its first year. Mrs Gisela Dietz served as the first Principal.

1951: The first PTA meeting was held to support fundraising for better school facilities.

1952: A second Junior class was opened, with the school now having 4 teachers

1955: The school relocated to Skeppsholmen in a naval building.

1956: The PTA developed along the American model to better connect parents with the school

1956: Queen Eliabeth II completed a state visit to Sweden, with five school children presenting her with a bouquet.

1958: The school moved to the building of Norrmalms Kommunala Flickskola at Eriksbergsgatan 10

1959: With student numbers continuing to increase, the school retained additional space from the YWCA on Brunnsgatan into which the “Upper Infants” moved. By this point, the school had 127 students, of which 66 were American, plus six full-time and two part-time teachers.

1959: Extensive PTA fundraising purchased a well-stocked library and other school equipment to enhance the student experience like basketball nets, playground equipment and a film projector.

Students on stage with sashes showing their countries on them

1952: Sweden becomes founder member of the Nordic Council, established to further the mutual interests of the Scandinavian countries.

1953: Swedish diplomat Dag Hammarskjoeld becomes secretary-general of the United Nation until 1961. Sweden contributes troops towards UN peace-keeping missions. He was posthumously awarded the Nobel Peace Prize

1959: Sweden becomes founder member of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA).

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