Partner with SIS

You plan for the future of your business: you invest in the right product research, you put in place the right infrastructure, you recruit the best talent be it at home or from abroad.

At SIS we plan for the future of our School: we deliver a challenging curriculum, we put in place the right facilities, we recruit the best teachers to ensure we satisfy the demands of international families coming to Stockholm.

Together, we contribute to the Stockholm region and the Swedish and global economy by enabling global mobility in the workforce and nurturing the students of today to follow the careers of tomorrow. 

We invite your organisation to partner with us to ensure the future of today’s students and generations to come.

Why partner with SIS?

We support recruitment

You can recommend SIS with confidence to the recruits you wish to attract from other countries. Families can focus on career challenges while knowing their children’s education is well catered for.

  • SIS is the longest established international school in Stockholm – 70+ years and counting.
  • We use the International Baccalaureate curriculum, perhaps the most transportable curriculum in the world.
  • Our IB Diploma results consistently exceed national and global averages.
  • We have mature networks for family support and community building to help families transition to their new surroundings.

You are aligning your reputation with a successful and growing school 

SIS has two campuses, our Primary School campus at Johannesgatan, and our Middle and Upper School campus in the magnificent Norra Latin building in central Stockholm. The presence and visibility of this building reflects the established and high-quality reputation of the School.

  • Opportunities to have your brand presence visibly aligned with the School
  • Be part of a community of influential individuals and organisations committed to the future of the School and the Stockholm community
How does your organisation benefit?

You reach a high-quality, influential audience

  • 800+ students
  • 1 000+ parents/guardians
  • 400+ clients (corporations, academic institutions, embassies)
  • 500 000+ website page views (in 2022-2023)
  • 800+ alumni
  • Social media followers:
    • LinkedIn 2 600+
    • Facebook 3 500+
    • Instagram 1 200+

You shape the generation of tomorrow

  • We welcome engagement with business and commerce to encourage entrepreneurship and business awareness in student thinking.
  • Enhance the appeal of your industry to future generations by supporting classroom projects that fall within the curriculum.
  • Attach your organisation to projects, competitions, study visits etc.
  • Develop knowledge exchange opportunities with teachers.
  • Raise your profile among students and parents through career presentations.
  • Recruit young talent to summer jobs and influence the future workforce in your industry so it aligns with projected needs.

You support your social and corporate responsibility aims

Partners have the opportunity to engage with the community through the School:

  • Increase your visibility through having your name attached to projects at the School,
  • Have your company feature in campus locations,
  • Be seen to invest in education and projects that benefit the community,
  • Raise your profile internationally with our influential parent community.

Truly global perspective

SIS is the perfect partner to support global recruitment as it is, through and through, an international entity. Our student body represents around 60 nationalities, and 35 nations are represented among our staff. We not only understand the concerns of your staff when they relocate, we empathise with them.

We’ll work with you to ensure that our experience and expertise in welcoming globally mobile families is a reassuring and compelling part of the case for them to  come to Stockholm and build their career with you.

How to partner with SIS

Excellence, inclusivity, diversity, personal growth and development – these are all values we share. You can signal your commitment to them by investing in an organisation that will foster and sustain those values in future generations. We can tailor a partnership over an agreed timescale that will align your brand with SIS, and showcase your commitment to developing a well-educated, well-skilled, future generation, to bring about a better economy and a better world.

If you wish to take advantage of partnering opportunities with SIS, please contact Emma Jones, the Advancement Director at or telephone +46 70 176 28 28 to explore the best options to suit your ambitions and to support future generations.