Join Oggi’s Circle

Oggi, our avian mascot is waiting to welcome you into his special circle of friends. Join Oggi’s Circle and show that you have as much love for our School as Oggi does. Receive a pin badge for you – or your child – to wear with pride to show that you are part of Oggi’s Circle.

To donate, simply complete the form below. You can choose to make your donation ‘unrestricted’ – allowing the SIS Spirit Fund to decide how to use it to best suit the needs of the School – or identify the particular area you would like to support.

Able to make a larger gift? Choose one of our other Giving Circles to best suit your level of giving.

Community Circle
100–2 499 SEK

Oggi’s Circle
2 500–9 999 SEK

Director’s Circle
10 000–24 999 SEK

Champions’ Circle
25 000–74 999 SEK

1951 Circle
75 000+ SEK