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The SIS Spirit Fund is open to applications for funding from students, parents or guardians of students, and members of staff, or any group comprising a mixture of the three.

Applications may be made at any time, and each will be considered on its own merits, taking account of the impact of the project within our community or in the wider world, the reach it will have in terms of community involvement, and other factors relevant to the specific scope of the project. The SIS Spirit Fund is dedicated to enriching student experience, pursuing academic excellence and innovation, and campus development. Applicants should focus on at least one of these aspects when formulating their application.

You may apply for any amount. Past projects awarded grants by the SIS Spirit Fund have ranged from 5 000 SEK to 100 000 SEK. The duration of a project should not exceed 18 months, though it will be possible to apply again at the end of that time.

Your application will be reviewed by an advisory group representing parent, staff, and student opinions, who may ask you to revise it. The group will make a recommendation to the Senior Leadership Team who will make any final award. This may be the full amount or a proportion of the amount, applied for. Of course, projects might ultimately be declined, but the role of the advisory group will be to assist you in making an application with the best possible chance of success. 

Please click on the link below to start and submit an application.