Impact of the Fund

The SIS Spirit Fund focuses on three strands of activity that contribute to the School and enhance the experience of students, parents, and staff within it;

  • Academic excellence and innovation
  • Enriched student experience
  • Campus regeneration and improvement

Here are examples of the impact of the SIS Spirit Fund through the projects it supports.

Academic excellence and innovation
  • MakerSpaces – creating and resourcing spaces for creative thinking, exploration and discovery, and problem-solving
  • Advanced Calculators – state of the art hand held calculators for students studying mathematics in the IB Diploma Programme
Enriched student experience
  • Nepal Project – a fundraising support programme of engagement with a school in Nepal that stimulates cross-curricular research and study among students, offers them opportunities to travel to another culture, and provides context for their own experience and increases their awareness of global citizenship
  • End of year concert – a showcase of talent across the performing arts, providing students with experience of live performance, while building community, and celebrating achievements

  • Sports Kit – high quality and contemporary sports kit for soccer, basketball, floorball, cheerleading, and volleyball teams, to encourage a sense of pride and togetherness among students representing the School in competition
Campus regeneration and improvement
  • Audio and lighting equipment – students studying performing arts or taking part in after-school choir, music, and drama, benefit from the provision of more sophisticated lighting and sound equipment

Norra Latin building

  • Norra Latin – the School’s acquisition of the Norra Latin campus opens up a wide range of new possibilities to introduce facilities and events, and to reimagine existing spaces to make SIS a beacon for 21st century learning