SIS Spirit Fund Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you can’t find answers to your questions below, we are happy to help. Please get in touch with Advancement Director Emma Jones at or 070-1762828.

The SIS Spirit Fund is the school’s annual fund. It aims to guarantee the best extra curricular experience for our students. It touches every part of the school including academic and after school programs. It provides the school with the flexibility to respond quickly to areas of greatest need and to meet unexpected challenges.

Tuition pays for operating expenses for the school, such as salaries, supplies, and facility maintenance that keep the school functional. Additionally, because we are a Non-Profit Organisation all proceeds go towards improving the educational experience of SIS students. The SIS Spirit Fund pays for the extras that make us that much more special!

Eventually, we would over price ourselves, making us non-competitive. Worse, raising tuition might also make an SIS education unaffordable for many of our families, all of whom make the SIS community so attractive. As part of our commitment to diversity, we aim to make SIS affordable to all of its constituents, and therefore the school tries to keep fees as low as possible.

The fund also increases the number of individuals and organisations that can financially support the school outside of tuition.

All donors can feel proud that they have made the School better for current and future students. Just as donors in the past gave generously to make SIS excellent today, so donors today will ensure SIS remains strong in the years to come. You can make our community stronger, but our community can also make you stronger. By giving SIS’s community a strong and recognisable reputation, the better it becomes to have been a student at SIS. Be a part of the legacy!

We need the flexibility to allocate funds when and where they are needed and the SIS Spirit Fund gives us the flexibility, which previous fundraising methods did not. The SIS Spirit Fund can also increase broader engagement with our alumni, parents and friends within our community.

Everyone! Everyone in the SIS community has a role to play in the success and advancement of the School. Our community of parents and guardians, board members and staff all feel passionate enough about our mission so many of us donate, even if it’s just a small amount. Without the countless hours of volunteer work, the leadership and creativity, and the commitment to excellence, SIS would not be the special school it is. Plus we constantly work to attract prestigious donors from outside the school who can also contribute generously to support our school’s values.

Simply put, you don’t have to. As an employee you are already the school’s best ambassador! If you do feel able to give something you’d be helping to build a culture of philanthropy and trust across our community. If you believe in the fund, you’ll be able to help others believe in it too. One of our guiding principles as global citizens is to encourage sharing our privilege with others and supporting the Spirit Fund can be an excellent way of doing this.

There is no right amount. You should make a donation that’s meaningful to you. What that amount is depends on each individual, but all gifts add up to the school’s ability to support an amazing level of academic excellence and student experience. Participation is key to our success.

It goes on everything! The School Leadership Team reviews and approves all proposals. They have rigorous, mission-driven criteria and they ensure money is allocated correctly. Simply put our focus areas of student experience, academic excellence and innovation, as well as campus regeneration, are supported by the SIS Spirit Fund.

We invite you to give throughout the school year. Give whenever it is most convenient and beneficial to you.

Yes, donors also have the option to remain anonymous if they wish. Information about all donations remains strictly confidential.